About us

Tiina Illukka
Tiina IllukkaVeterinarian
Tiina finished vet school in Helsinki in 1979. Because of her own dog hobby Tiina is interested in dog reproduction and artificial insemination. After taking part in the first insemination and freezing course in Finland Tiina opened a sperm bank and started to inseminate also with frozen semen. The clinic aquired an analyzer that guarantees fast and reliable progesteron analysis. Tiina is also interested in demanding soft tissue surgery.

Tiina has been involved in purebred dogs since 1969. Curly Coated Retrievers from her Caballus kennel have been succesful in many parts of the world. Tiina is a dog show judge and is licenced to judge FCI groups 7 and 8 plus part of groups 6 and 3. Tiina is also an enthusiast in retrievers’ hunting training.

Tuomas Illukka
Tuomas IllukkaVeterinarian
Tuomas finished vet school in Helsinki in 1980. He is one of the founders of the clinic PetVet (1981), specialist in small animal practice (1989) and an official veterinary ophthalmologist (1986). Tuomas’ specialties are ortopedia and limping diagnoses as well as eye diseases.

Freezing and storing

It depends on the size of the breed and individual how many inseminations doses we can get in one collection. Large dogs with big testicles give more sperm than small dogs. Many external things also have an effect. Some young males are shy and may be afraid of the veterinary clinic. Sometimes we need to go outside to get them relaxed. A bitch in heat is almost a must. It does not only increase the number of sperms in the collection but also the quality of the semen. Luckily we often have bitches in season coming for progesterone testing and they might be used as teasers.

After the manual collection of semen it is evaluated for its quality (motility) under microscope and the number of sperm is counted and their morphology examined. The semen is then centrifuged to separate the seminal plasma from sperm cells. Certain extenders are added which contain sugars, cryo protectants and antibiotics. The consentration will be adjusted to 80-100 million sperm per straw. The insemination dose would then be two straws.

Semen can be stored forever

The frozen semen is stored in tanks with liquid nitrogen, -196 C temperature. It will last there ”forever”.

The frozen semen is stored in straws. Each straw is marked with the semen bank code, freezing date, breed of dog and registration number. This way all mixing up is avoided. Straws are packed into plastic goblets and these are placed into aluminium canes. The top of the cane has a mark with code of the dog.

Import and export

We do exports and imports all over the world. We try to arrange joint shipments to and from non-EU countries (North America, Australia). There are no restrictions, tests or licences needed for importing frozen dog semen to Finland, but bringing in a tank from a non-EU country is more difficult. A border veterinary inspection is needed and a CVED paperwork for customs. The tank also needs to be temporarely imported into EU.

We use Uppsala buffers for freezing and chilling semen.

Please see our Ilmoitustaulu (Bulletin board) for newest information about joint transports.